Fractal paintings (2000-2003), so called "cybercanvas", constitute an attempt to relate painting to modern-day mathematics and geometry, and, on the other hand, to the computer virtual space that has become the new reality of the digital era. Szczerbowski represents structures composed of pixels painted with oil and acrylic on canvas. He is inspired by a similarity between forms obtained through purely mathematical operations and with the use of a machine - and motifs from the realm of human imagination, manifested once in, among other things, art and religion. Szczerbowski calls his works "cybercanvas". And adds: "Machine, calculating fractal, thinks digitally. Man, painting fractal, thinks analog." For artist the main thing is to materialize these virtual structures, moving them to the real world. In this process contributes to the subjective factor associated with an individual gesture, sensation of color, a mistake etc.

© 2015 by Robert Szczerbowski

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