Lives in Warsaw, Poland. He started his artistic activity  as a writer. However, he consistently moved away from the sphere of language, increasingly incorporating visual elements into his work.
"The artist builds his own fictional dimension, regardless of the medium he uses. His books, objects, paintings and films are subject to the deconstruction of learned ways of perception. They break illusions, often evoking the feeling of absurdity.
He uses the language of "high-tech" and analyzes its impact on the inner space of man, his spiritual needs and imagination. In objects and installations Szczerbowski uses, among others, hermetic computer programming languages, and in paintings refers to fractal geometry. In most works, he strives to obliterate the subjective element, trying to authenticate their fictional and apocryphal reality as much as possible. Some of his books were published anonymously, and many artistic works are simulacra. He creates films that reveal the mechanisms of the hypnotic reality of mainstream cinema. His versatile work is characterized by the trickster's approach. " (D. Misiuna Chaosmos)

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