The original book edition of Æ and its text was repeatedly used by the author in numerous visual and audio works.


Anepigraph and exegesis



Complete copy of the book first published in 1991, cut with document shredder. Published as a 4 volume of Hermetic Writtings (15 numbered copies).


Camera obscura



This piece is both a visual, as well as audible project. The box contains a CD, placed at such an angle that, thanks to the special dimensions of the cube, when looking trough the hole in any of the planes, one sees through the CD’s empty centre. This creates an illusion that the cube is empty.

The sonic material recorded on the CD is an interpretation of two texts published in book form in 1991. The book has neither a title, nor a narrator (his role takes a self-writting text) and its two parts may be read from both ends in any sequence.

In the present sonic version, the verbal level of the texts has been nearly completely lost. The text interpreted in recording no.1 has been called an anepigraph, i.e. a work without a title. The single voice in this recording has been multiplied and fixed on itself by using a simple echo effect. The second text, called an exegesis, was a kind of a dictionary in its original form. Each of its 92 pages contained a single entry and its shorter or longer explication. In the recording no. 2, tracks with the interpretations of the individual pages were placed one on another, as if all the pages were read simultaneously.


Playing time of recordings: 10:40 min. and 2:05 min.


               A              E




1000 copies of the book edited in 1991, cut and packaged in recycled paper package (NB. in the same printing house, where it was originally printed and framed).

© 2015 by Robert Szczerbowski

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